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This article, number 1 in a series, will preview and highlight MANY other facts and points of law contained in the other articles, please continue.

This freaky looking drug addicted Frankenstein zombie, Randal Burnett, criminally trespassed into Mike Voden and Patricia Rollins yard, early AM 11-9-2013. Criminal trespass occurs when a person fails to comply with a legal and imperatively stated order to leave someone else's property. This fact was verified by Prosecuter​ Fuller endlessly and repeatedly screaming dozens of times Mikes order to Burnett "Get your f____ing dog out of my yard." That profanity emphasizes the urgency of the order-it was not a request, suggestion, or a subtle hint. This phrase was said to Burnett AFTER he entered Mikes yard and started toward Mike rather than getting his viscous hound. Burnett's response, "What are you gonna do with the gun, shoot me?" clearly demonstrated Burnett's suicidal intent. Mikes answer of "I will" encouraged Burnett to continue his violent suicidal, drug junkie, assault directed at two senior citizens. Burnett had nothing to lose, and MUCH to gain by his planned idiocy.

He was very aware of Wrongful Death litigation. The Burnetts were destitute losers. He was near death from multiple causes. He planned to "cash in" as a direct result of "cashing out". Everything Mike did that day was absolutely and totally well within the context, the letter and the intent of Arizona law. At the last possible second Mike defended himself and Patricia. He put 3 shots of .40 caliber jacketed, hollow points into Mad Dog Burnett's chest. Burnett's inertia slammed Mike into the side of their home, at the same time smearing his (Burnett's) blood onto Mike's shirt, gun and hand. In the process of pushing Burnett's dead body off of him the handgun was unintentionally discharged once more hitting Burnett in the upper right rear shoulder. Burnett fell just outside the door into Mike and Pat's kitchen.

There has been and continues to be endless often malicious speculation about thousands of details about this case. What is NOT speculation is that the entire prosecution "gang of criminals" were outside (outlaws) the law from start to finish. Hundreds of details are contained in the other articles on this website. Updates and rewrites are pending on several.

Many questions have are arisen about why Fuller would perpetuate such an egregious miscarriage of justice against Mike & Pat. He lied, suborned perjury, committed perjury, concealed evidence, falsified evidence, obstructed justice and more. He also encouraged, supported, and rewarded his "GANG" to do the same.

Mike and Pat had NO personal knowledge of or contact with Fuller before this incident. Fuller obviously had other devious intentions planned as a result of his malicious persecution.

Burnett's family and Fuller's family had been closely associated for multiple generations through church and other connections. Widow Burnett's accomplice in the fraud and extortion of Farmers Bank & Trust insurance company was J. Robert Tolman. It is very likely that Bob and Shawn were well known as friendly and associates, and maybe shared girlfriends. This is only ONE reasonable reason why Fuller would pursue a "win at any cost" strategy.

Another is to curry favor amongst many of Burnett's church family including the late Bishop, and others. A third reason was to enhance his resume and to win a job with the corrupt AZ Attorney General Brnovich, which he did. Fuller absolutely did profit from this case in multiple ways, not the least of which is financially. 

Most of the articles in this series provide much more detail about various aspects of this case. Please share with family and friends. Also we could use any assistance possible to overturn this illegal, unconstitutional, miscarriage of justice.


This article, number 2 in a series, will continue to expand on some of the case details. We have received thousands of pages of documents, reports, depositions, photos, transcripts, etc all of which are from official government sources and/or lawyers. Presumably they are all true, correct and accurate. This is NOT the case as will be shown in other articles.

Exculpatory Evidence and Clearly Exculpatory Evidence are similar but are NOT the same. U.S. Supreme Court case law make MANDATORY the unsolicited disclosure of ANY information that MAY have any impact on a prosecutors case. In the case of Mike Voden there was a huge amount of Clearly Exculpatory Evidence that was knowingly concealed from the grand jury, trial jury, media, public and Mike Voden.

This case law, commonly known as "BRADY" also refers to "indiscretions" committed by ANY person on the prosecution GANG. There were dozens in this case - will cite only a few. Shawn Fuller was charged with public indecency-he "got off." Don Engler committed reckless homicide (Murder 2 in Arizona - please see article 16) re: Robert Harriman - he "got off" also. Matt Van Camp got caught & busted for falsifying evidence - NOT prosecuted. It is extremely clear -no law applies to cops, lawyers and judges in Arizona.

Unfortunately for Mike and Pat, their sleazy scumbag whore attorney Michael Bernays sold out to Fullers "gang" ad helped convict Mike. This happened because 100% of Randal Burnet's Veterans Administration, Payson Regional Medical Center, and Payson Christian Clinic records, files, etc. were available and known to ALL attorneys and judges in this case.

We had to legally beat these records out of the attorneys hands. We were threatened multiple times with HIPPA violations for disclosure of records. The most relevant are quoted in some articles and published in some articles (see article 3). The main reason for suppressing Burnet's records is because of what they demonstrate. That he was a totally deranged, psychotic lunatic, that he was an extreme script junkie, that he was near death from multiple causes, that he was a destitute loser and much more.

Another primary reason is that public knowledge would have PRECLUDED robbing Farmers "BANK". Also the fact that ALL attorneys concealed this info makes them complicit and accessories to insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and obstruction of justice, all serious federal felonies. Burnet's records show he was diagnosed with about a dozen mental, emotional, and psychiatric conditions. These included but are not limited to P.T.S.D., anxiety disorder, depression disorder, panic attacks, paranoid personality disorder, Asperger disease and several more. He was extremely "freaked out" about dying of cancer.

He had scripts from around twenty meds per day. These included max levels of opiates, and up to 500mg of Sertraline (Zoloft) a serious psychotropic med. Idiot Fuller made a big deal that Burnet was NOT drinking ethylene glycol (antifreeze) or other alcohols, was NOT doing meth, crack, heroin, or weed. This was absolutely ludicrous and intended to "tamper with the jury." Burnet lived in a script junkie paradise-as much dope as anyone could use and almost free from the V.A.The bottom line of all this is that Burnet was NOT being treated for ANYTHING, only medicated.

The final part of this is that Burnet had multiple stage 4 metastacial cancer. Had been wearing adult diapers for months. Had been coughing up blood for several months. One of his lungs was covered with "white fibrous lesions." He had internal and external MRSA eating him alive. He had many reasons to "cash out and cash in." All 100% of this information is extremely relevant clearly exculpatory evidence (refer to paragraph 2 of this article).

This article illustrates only as few of the reasons that the LAW requires dismissal of this case with prejudice. There are many other reasons given in the following articles. Please share this website with family and friends. Help us achieve justice under the law. Thanks for your time and attention.


​We have now reviewed approximately 120 pages of V.A. "progress notes."  This phrase is a euphemism as Randall Burnett was NOT making progress except toward his own suicidal demise.  Many relevant facts are shown , not only about Burnett , including clear and obvious evidence of the V.A.'s negligent and "criminal" practices and procedures as well as that of other providers.  We will also include excerpts in this article of an editorial by Andy Biggs - AZ State Rep. District Five.  This article appeared in the AZ Republic on 11-9-17, exactly four years to the day of when the "ticking time bomb" Randall Burnett went off.

For some strange reason ( QUOTA ? ) Burnett was allowed to enlist in the U.S. Navy. An idiot recruiter allowed Burnett into the U.S. Navy and his complete mental and emotional and psychotic issues could easily have been discovered by proper " vetting ".  However , that major screw up made the V.A. responsible for his total health care needs.


Burnett was referred to the V.A. by Dr. Michael Lowe for medical psychology consultations (pg. 74) This was related to Burnett's diagnosis of prostate cancer (pg. 75) that was exacerbated by his many S.M.I. issues (pg. 86, 103, 109). Burnett also had lung cancer (pg. 153) and was being eaten alive by MRSA (pg. 141, 158, 176). He admitted to being angry and violent (pg. 149) and being a liar.


Burnett lied to get into the NAVY. The V.A. records, and others, have shown him to be a pathological liar. Burnett and his wife, Brenda, were a matched pair in that regard. We have thousands of pages of documents that prove this beyond any doubt.

Burnett was discharged from the U.S.N. after many weird, strange, and bizarre events. He lied about his rank, about combat, about suicide idealization, about weapons, about length of service. "You name it, he lied about it." 

Burnett started "doctor shopping" sometime in 2012 - multiple timelines have been stated. Between Payson Christion Clinic, Payson Regional Medical Center, and the Phoenix V.A. we can name over two dozen medical professionals that interacted with Burnett.

  "Serving in the Armed Forces requires sacrifices large and small..."

  "In exchange, our nation is committed to providing our veterans and their families care and treatment..." 

  "Unfortunately, a lack of accountability and oversight has led to a plague of poor care for our veterans. This epidemic has spread to all levels of the     agency..."

  "Previously the Phoenix VA was exposed as one of the worst actors..."

  "Locally, the lack of clear criteria for approving benefits claims at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs regional office remains burdensome for veterans..."

      - excerpts from article in Arizona Republican titled "There's progress at the VA, but big problems persist, by Andy Biggs, 11-9-2017

Various pill pushers gave Burnett scripts for up to twenty meds per day. Max amounts of opiates mixed with up to 500 mg Sertraline (Zoloft) daily were common. "Check the web for results of this", the professionals told him. It was too late, he was already a non-functional, confused, depressed, suicidal drug junkie. In addition, the medical professionals knew his situation precluded access to and viable use of the internet.

V.A. testing (pg. 109) indicated a personality type that was paranoid, schizoid, avoiding, and negativeness. This seriously exacerbated his sense of isolation, worthlessness, and homophobia.


Burnett told several V.A. staff members of his fear of possibly dying from prostate cancer. Seems obvious he had considered other options. He was asked many times about having access to guns or weapons. he always lied- told them NO. They seemed mainly concerned that he would "GO OFF" in their hospital and not elsewhere.

Burnett's possession of much survivalist equipment, hardware, guns and ammo but NO food or water certainly showed NO long term plan. This info is from Tim Mello and Paul Affeldt, statements to P.P.D.

NOTHING in this article or in the many medical records is intended to minimize, mitigate, excuse, or rationalize Burnett's conduct. He was a violent, psycho crazy, drug fueled, drug addicted suicidal maniac. He was NOT substantially different than Lanza, Loughner, Kelly, or Cruz et al except they went ballistic in public places and killed defenseless people.

The V.A. knew he was violently unstable. They are complicit as they did NOTHING to prevent his maniac attack on two senior citizens. Burnett had been told that Mike had an Arizona C.C.W. and frequently carried. He also could clearly see Mike holding the handgun on that fateful morning. Only a suicidal lunatic would commit such a crazy stunt, attacking someone holding a gun-after being advised to leave THEIR YARD and being strongly told of Mike's intent to defend himself and Patricia with deadly force.

Burnett had been quoted regarding wrongful death litigation with similar circumstances. Given the entire set of circumstances as well as his likely knowledge of the insurance coverage, Burnett's course of action was very obvious. "Cash out and cash in" at the same time.


Any of his several other options would provide his widow with NO MONEY.

The following very long list of V.A. progress notes pages is only about 30% of the total. There is quite a lot of redundancy as several V.A. staff members had similar observations and comments.

(pg. 74) Referral reason: Veteran was referred for a Medical Psychology consultation by Dr. Michael Lowe to address psychiatric issues that have recently been worsened due to his recent diagnosis or prostate cancer.


(pg. 75) Medical History: He reported being diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2012. He said his medical care had been difficult to obtain due to being indigent. Mental Health History: The veteran reported a significant mental health history starting during childhood.

(pg. 76) Military History: Veteran reports serving in the Navy from 1984-1986. He said he worked as a nurse. He denied combat history. His highest rank was reportedly E-3 and this was his rank at discharge. He reported that they had to give him that rank and retroactively pay him because he never requested a higher rank from E-1, and his rank at discharge was E-4. He reported he was discharged due to having a personality disorder, however, he said he saw a private psychiatrist two years post his discharge who thought that his issues were more "Axis I than Axis II."

(pg. 81) Patient declined advanced directives at this encounter.

(pg. 82) Risk Factors Identified: Hx of previous suicide ideation, threats, or self-harm (lifetime). The history of a prior event is one of the best known predictors for future suicidal behaviors including death by suicide.

(pg. 86) Computerized Problem List is the source for the following:

    1. Diabetes Mellitus

    2. Anxiety state

    3. Depressive disorder NOS

    4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Adult) (Pediatric)

    5. Prostate Cancer

    6. Chronic Back Pain

    7. Limitation of motion of the cervical spine

    8. Tobacco use disorder

    9. Major-recurrent

    10. Post-traumatic stress D/O

    11. Hypertrophy (Benign) of Prostate with Urinary obstruction and other lower Ur.

(pg. 89) Pt left a long message stating he had cancer and is in agony from the pain. Pt is asking for an increase in pain medication, to 10 mg hydrocodone/500mg acetaminophen.

(pg. 103) He said, "I have so much anxiety over my cancer that I'm preoccupied with it."

(pg. 104) Previous Medical History: The veteran reported he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2012 after a module was found by his doctor. Social History: Veteran reports that his parents divorced when he was 10 years old. He said he felt "neglected" by his father, and emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by his mother. He explained that he was left alone often with his mother and that she had a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Medical History: He reported being diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2012. He said his medical care had been difficult to obtain due to being indigent. ...the veteran has "untreated high grade adenocarcinoma pf prostate with Gleason score of 9 and adenocarcinoma noted in 11 out of 12 prostate core biopsies,...". The veteran's cancer is described as "aggressive" and that he is "at high risk" for metastasis.

(pg. 105) Halucinations/Delusions: However, he did report he believes he is "targeted by homosexuals with a rape motive."

(pg. 106) He responded affirmatively that he has believed that people were trying to hurt him. He endorsed having this belief outside of a mood disorder. In a note dated 3/12/13, the veteran reported to his therapist that he has lied on testing in the past.

(pg. 109) As such, they may be friendly at one moment, and irritable and hostile at other times. Mr. Burnett scored a total of 37 on the test, which is consistent with severe level of depression. He denied SI. Mr. Burnett scored a total of 32 on the test indicating a high level of anxiety. The veteran had a total score of 49, which is suggestive of PTSD. It is worthwhile to note that he denied symptoms of PTSD during the MINI, which he had previously endorsed on the PCL. 

Diagnostic Impression:

Axis I: Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder

Axis II: Schizotypal PD

Axis III: Active problems - Computerized Problem List is the source for the following:

    1. Diabetes Mellitus

    2. Anxiety state

    3. Depressive disorder NOS

    4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Adult) (Pediatric)

    5. Prostate Cancer

    6. Chronic Back Pain

    7. Limitation of motion of the cervical spine

    8. Tobacco use disorder

    9. Major-recurrent

    10. Post-traumatic stress D/O

    11. Hypertrophy (Benign) of Prostate with Urinary obstruction and other lower Ur.

Axis IV: Problems with primary support, problems related to the social environment, economic problems

Axis V: GAF: 40

...he falls into the sever range for depression and anxiety. Results from his MMPI-2 and MCMI-III scores combined with data from the clinical interview indicate a personality-type that is negativistic, avoidant, paranoid, and schizoid.


Taken together, data from personality testing, clinical interview, and review of the record supports a diagnosis of Schizotypal Personality Disorder. He evidences a pervasive pattern of social and interpersonal deficits which are marked by acute discomfort with close relationships. To this end, he reported living in a rural area in order to avoid people. Additionally, he endorsed cognitive distortions and evidenced eccentricities of behaviors. He reported paranoid ideation about homosexual individuals and suspiciousness of others. he lacks close friends or confidants and does not appear to desire these relationships. Through observation and review of the record, the veteran has excessive social anxiety that does not diminish with familiarity and tends to be associated with paranoid fears.


Additionally, the veteran meets criteria for undifferentiated somatoform disorder. The veteran's reported symptoms cannot be fully explained by a known general medical condition. Resulting social and occupational impairment is in excess of what would be expected from the medical findings. A diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, sever, with mood incongruent features was considered given the veteran's report of low mood and delusions. The veteran reported delusional thinking outside of depressive episodes.

(pg. 110) Therapy is likely to involve uncovering and working through grief and pain,, including the anger that is strongly denied. ...feelings of isolation, and feeling inherently defective. Due to persistent beliefs of ill intent by opthers, group therapy may be beneficial.

(pg. 122) The veteran was seen today for 150 minutes. The veteran arrived 45 minutes late to today's appointment; Thought processes were tangential and very difficult to follow; he had to be re-directed multiple times and questions were repeated multiple times as the veteran's answers were often unrelated.


(pg. 124) Active Outpatient Medications (excluding Supplies): (Veterans Administration)


1. Bicalutamide 50mg tab take one table by mouth every day for prostate

2. Clipizide 10mg tab take one tablet by mouth twice a day take 30 minutes before meals to control blood sugar

3. Hydrocodone 5/Acetaminophen 500mg tab take two tablets by mouth four times a day for severe pain ** not more than 4000mg Acetaminophen (Tyenol) per day from all sources

4. Hydroxyzine Pamoate 25mg cap take one capsule by mouth three times a day as needed for anxiety

5. Lisinopril 20mg tab take one-half tablet by mouth every morning regularly to lower blood pressure and reduce stroke risk, heart and kidnet damage

6. Metformin HCL 1000mg tab take one tablet by mouth twice a day with food to control blood sugar

7. Rifampin 300mg cap take one capsule by mouth every day until gone for infection

8. Sertraline HCL 100mg tab take two tablets every day by mouth for mood

9. Simvastatin 40mg tab take one-half tablet by mouth at bedtime to control cholesterol

10. Sulfa 800mg-Trimethoprim 160mg tab (DS) take one tablet by mouth twice a day until gone for infection

11. Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg cap take two capsules by mouth every day to aid in urination

12. Trazodone HCL 50mg tab take one tablet by mouth at bedtime as needed for sleep

Active Non-VA Medications


1. Non-VA Enalapril Maleate 20mg tab 10mg by mouth every day

2. Non-VA Glipizide 10mg tab 10mg by mouth twice a day

3. Non-VA Hydrocodone 5/Acetaminophen 500mg tab two tablets by mouth every four hours as needed

4. Non-VA Lorazepam 0.5mg tab 1.5mg by mouth every 4 hours

5. Non-VA metformin HCL 1000mg tab 1000mg by mouth twice a day

6. Non-VA Sertraline HCL 100mg tab 100mg by mouth every day

7. Non-VA Simvasatin 40mg tab 20mg by mouth at bedtime

8. Non-VA Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg cap 0.4mg by mouth every day

20 total medications, this is per day - what about interactions?

(pg. 131) Veteran is a 51 year old Caucasian male who was seen for a 6th session today. He asked this provider about a possible appointment with a male trauma therapist named "Demar" in Payson, and this provider could find no evidence of any contact in the veteran's chart.

(pg. 132) This provider asked the veteran for more information about what he said at the last session with regards to "lying" to this provider about something. The veteran said he could not remember exactly what he was lying about. But that he would call if he remembered.

Intervention: This provider used process-level comments to discuss the veteran's reported history of confusion.

Safety Issues: He continues to deny suicidal ideation, plan or intent; however ,veteran has a history of suicidal ideation. The veteran presents with multiple long-standing psychiatric issues.

(pg. 135) Veteran is a 51 year old Caucasian male who was seen for a 5th session today for 60 minutes..., and the veteran said that he was told to look up side effects on the internet. This provider asked about any current benzodiazepine usage, and the veteran said he had ceased using these drugs at the urging of Dr. Geete, his psychiatrist. (He reported he was still taking his Sertraline.) The veteran then discussed his thoughts about the possibility of death due to his cancer. The veteran also discussed his frustrations with some of his medical providers. This provider asked if the veteran felt similar frustrations with this provider, and he replied "no".

Interventions: - His process of discussing his possible death was explored. The veteran asked questions about the MMPI-2, and asked if he could be tested. He discussed knowledge of how the MMPI-2 has validity indicators to determine if someone is answering truthfully: "You know how they ask two of the same questions, but word it differently to see if you answer it the same?" He gave this example to illustrate how he had "lied" to this provider about "something", but was not clear about the content.

(pg. 138) Additionally, the veterans medical condition continues to worsen.

(pg. 140) He said that he was recently told by a urologist at the Phoenix VA that his cancer has "probably" metastasized. He said he is afraid his cancer has metastasized.

(pg. 141) ...and then he mentioned something about "infectious disease" and that he has sores "all over" his body. ...the veteran has "mrsa otitis externa."

(pg. 146) Denies hematuria or dysuria.

(pg. 149) The veteran discussed his ongoing concerns that his medical providers are not taking his prostate cancer "seriously." ...he would like someone to talk to his wife about coping with his possible death from prostate cancer. ...he would like help on managing his anxiety and anger. ...he mentioned recent situations where he was yelling and throwing objects in his house.

(pg. 153) MRSA Lung Cancer - cough and recent ear infection. He went to psych clinic and they want to increase zoloft to 200 mg reports nocturia and slow flow. Also having chronic cough. Productive and had a tinge of blood in sputum. Has lost significant weight...

Active Problems - Computerized Problem List is the source for the following:

    1. Diabetes Mellitus

    2. Anxiety state

    3. Depressive disorder NOS

    4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Adult) (Pediatric)

    5. Prostate Cancer

    6. Chronic Back Pain

    7. Limitation of motion of the cervical spine

    8. Tobacco use disorder

    9. Major-recurrent

    10. Post-traumatic stress D/O

(pg. 158) Brief statement of information requested and given: Vet. requesting Rx "for MRSA ear infection."

(pg. 164) Financial problems. "I am still working on disability"

Born: OR.

Father dies of lung cancer and mother dies of DM complicated.

2 half brothers and 1 sister

f/h/o-Depression in older brother and Schizophrenia in mother and Anorexia in sister. Suicide in paternal cousin.

Service: Navy 4 years. No combat.

(pg. 165) He denies access to guns or weapons. Allergies and Drugs to Avoid/Adverse Reactions: Climdamycin, Codeine, Morphine, Penicillin, Seroquel

(pg. 168) Patient education and support to ensure and prevent crisis/suicide. i.e. To call VA hospital at 602 277 5551 or National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 or 911.

Stress Management and CBT. I helped the patient to ventilate feelings and focus on positive cognition. To F.U. at CSTAT as needed. ...current reported difficulties of getting quick to anger.

(pg. 169) He denied being seen by a psychiatrist...

(pg. 176) 1 month of pain, bleeding purulent discharge bilaterally. (Ears) Normal hearing. Previous MRSA infection of skin.

(pg. 179) 2. Risk Factors Identified:

Hx of previous suicide ideation, threats, or self-harm (lifetime). The history of a prior event is one of the best known indicators for future suicidal behaviors including death by suicide.

Veteran reported having suicidal ideation in the past.

Current Mental Disorder (especially Mood Disorder) or Substance Abuse.

Chronic pain

(Feels stressed)(describes psycho-social or physical problems, other stressor).

Other findings that elevate suicide risk: Veteran dx with prostate cancer.

(pg. 182) He also reported committing "strange" acts. he reported that during a military training course he was standing in his locker and watching the bubbles in his shampoo bottle go up and down. He said his military instructor found him there and sent him to mental health. He also described an incident where he apparently urinated on his roommate during the night from the top bunk of the bed and had "no idea" what he was doing. he saw a military psychologist at the time who reportedly diagnosed him with paranoid personality disorder. He said he was administered the MMPI during that time and that he did not answer the questions honestly because he was afraid of subsequent course of actions if he had revealed his suicidal ideation at the time. He reported a history of them "every 6 hours." He said he has nightmares about some "blood and guts" stuff he saw from being a nurse in the military. He denied combat.  The veteran reported a history of being on medications including but not limited to Adderall, Ativan, Xanax, Doxepin, and Trilafon. He reported the Trilafon was more treating his sleep than being used as an anti-psychotic.

(pg. 183) Dr. Lowe writes the veteran took benzodiapines and "became addicted quickly."

(pg. 185) DSM-IV PTSD Criteria B is met

DSM-IV PTSD Criteria C is met

DSM-IV PTSD Criteria D is met


1. Repeated disturbing MEMORIES, THOUGHTS or IMAGES of a stressful military experience from the past? :4

2. Repeated disturbing DREAMS of a stressful military experience from the past? :5

3. Suddenly ACTING or FEELING as if a stressful military experience from the past were happening again (as if you were reliving it)? :5

4. Feeling VERY UPSET when SOMETHING reminded you of a stressful military experience from the past? :4

5. Having PHYSICAL reactions (e.g. heart pounding, trouble breathing, sweating) when SOMETHING REMINDED you of a stressful military experience from the past? :4

6. Avoiding THINKING ABOUT or TALKING ABOUT a stressful military experience from the past or AVOIDING HAVING FEELINGS related to it? :3

7. Avoiding ACTIVITIES or SITUATIONS because they REMINDED you of a stressful military experience from the past? :5

8. Trouble REMEMBERING IMPORTANT PARTS of a stressful military experience from the past? :4

9. LOSS OF INTEREST in activities that you used to enjoy? :5

10. Feeling DISTANT OR CUT OFF from other people? :4

11. Feeling EMOTIONALLY NUMB or being unable to have loving feelings for those close to you? :5

12. Feeling as if your FUTURE somehow will be CUT SHORT? :4


14. Feeling IRRITABLE or having ANGRY OUTBURSTS? :4


16. Being "SUPERALERT" or watchful or on guard? :2

17. Feeling JUMPY or easily startled? :5

1= not at all, 2= a little bit, 3= moderately, 4= quite a bit, 5= extremely

(pg. 186)  Beck Depression Inventory-II - 28 moderate

Moderate symptoms: Past failure, loss of pleasure, self-criticism, irritability, changes in appetite (less), concentration difficulty

(pg 191) Has one month Hx of worsening difficulty with urinary dribbling and difficulty stopping/starting urinary flow. No dysuria. Has constant aching to sharp back pain/neck at baseline that has been worsening over the last 3 months.

Unemployed. Per pt and wife, pt's severe daily anxiety/ADD affects ability to concentrate/work.

Multiple financial stressors with extremely limited income from wife's disability.

(pg. 191) 1. Essentially untreated high grade adenocarcinoma of prostate... Pt very anxious about prostate cancer but is also worried about his general health including need to stop smoking, stop nightmare/flashbacks to childhood/combat experiences.

(pg. 195) for self-transport is scarce. Pt only has $10 cash.

1. Pt discharged to home with wife he declines admission to address anxiety/depression.

10. Wife and pt will need to be reminded around time of CT scan... Because of ADD/anxiety, I don;t believe they will retain this information without reminders.

(pg. 196) Pt has long history of severe anxiety. Pt states he frequently has nightmares and often wakes up "screaming and soaked" in sweat.  Pt states he has frequent flashbacks to abuse in childhood from his mother as well as flashbacks to trauma in military services. Pt denies SI or HI. Tells me he is afraid of dying or prostate cancer.

All of the medical records shown and quoted above as well as much more were maliciously concealed from the grand jury, trial jury, media, the public, and Mike and Patricia. ALL of the lawyers and judges involved in this case were aware of this clearly exculpatory evidence being knowingly concealed.


This maliciously violates U.S.S.C. case law, AZ.S.C. ethical riles, and many more precedents

There are now approximately 18 articles on this website with supporting documents. We have a few more pending. Together they adequately and clearly expose the pandemic of corruption in Arizona. In addition they demonstrate the negligence of LAW ENFORCEMENT in the prosecution of criminals who are their best friends.


Mike Voden - Corruption fighter, general contractor and social activist sentenced to death ( based on length of sentence ) by corrupt Judge Gary Scales. He was assisted in this travesty of justice by corrupt prosecutor Shawn C. Fuller and the corrupt so - called defense attorney Michael Bernays.

We have now received thousands of pages of Veterans Administration, Payson Regional Medical Center and Payson Christian Clinic records concerning Randall Burnett. This is probably NOT the total of all his records required by extensive case law to be disclosed.

The records reviewed to date clearly show that Burnett was much more crazy, psycho, and insane than previously known and had been almost ALL his life. He was almost dead from multiple stage 4 cancers, internal and external MRSA, and was totally drug addicted, drug fueled and suicidal.

However, the three ROTS named above were very aware of Burnett's condition. Fuller, et al, knowingly and maliciously, concealed this info from the grand jury, trial jury, media and the public.

In addition, the first corrupt attorney appointed by Scales; Emily Danies, KNOWINGLY CONCEALED this info from the appeals court Judges and the Arizona Supreme Court Judges. The next three corrupt attorneys appointed by Scales; Harriet Levitt, Maggie Schmidt, and Elizabeth Hale, absolutely refused to look at or consider challenging the extensive and pervasive corruption in Gila County. All these attorneys were much more interested in protecting their future income, and their good relationships with ALL the other corrupt players in the system.


ALL the above-named people ARE OFFICERS of THE COURT- and are obligated to seek TRUTH and JUSTICE - THAT DID NOT HAPPEN in this case and thousands of other cases. As soon as we can sort out the most relevant of Burnett's mental physical and emotional health records, they will be published on this website.​

There are many thousands of pages of documents, records, pictures, reports, interviews and more that we are reviewing to provide the basis for these website informational pieces. Your assistance in reviewing and sharing this info is much appreciated. You may also help by contacting the entities listed on the HELP PAGE and asking them to correct this travesty, as well as ending the epidemic of corruption in the Arizona legal system.


Very shortly after the incident happened, Widow Burnet's attorney, J. Robert Tolman contacted so called defense attorney Bernays about Mike and Pat's homeowners insurance policy with Farmers. By that point in time Bernays, Fuller, and in fact almost all of Fullers cohorts were aware of the TOTALITY of Burnet's condition.

Tolman knew that secrecy about this info was extremely critical to his case being "successful." Not only secrecy but Fuller had to win  "at any cost" and Bernays had to 'lose." Bernays did NOT really lose - he would win either way and continue to collect huge paychecks as a court appointed attorney or as a private attorney. Shortly thereafter, Tolman filed a Wrongful Death claim for 5 million. He NEVER intended on going to court-the plan was always to settle for policy limits. Soon Langley Law Firm and Steve Long were appointed to defend against this litigation. They were local associates of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgard, and Smith. All of the attorneys and Farmers, became aware of Burnet's circumstances. They were all, also aware of a new AZ Supreme Court E.R. 3.10 effective 1-1-14. This rule makes disclosure of exculpatory evidence MANDATORY by all attorneys.

It is radically obvious that there is some sort of benefit, consideration, compensation, or something going on amongst almost two dozen lawyers and judges. Nobody takes risks like "conspiracy to commit insurance fraud" or "obstruction of justice" for free. It is like lawyers have become ;like cops or the mafia. A corrupt criminal brotherhood to protect and defend each other while sucking up as much money as possible.

The deposition of Brenda Burnet related to the insurance case is a classic case of "Blue smoke and mirrors." The fix had been done. The deposition was just for show and filled with many lies. Every time she was asked about her husband's lunatic suicide attack it was different than previously stated. The deposition was so bogus that both she and Tolman refused to sign it. They settled "out of court" for $300k, I doubt that Widow Burnet got more than 1/3 of the money. Tolman had a lot of "expenses" related to this case, likely, wining, dining and "girlfriends" for his cohorts.


The so called "legal community" (cops, lawyers, prostitutors (sic) and judges) have said since forever "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

When the Arizona Supreme Court promulgates new rules they are very clear about all aspects of said rules. On 1-1-2014 E.R. changes and a new E.R. took effect; E.R. 3.8 applies to prosecutors, E.R. 3.10 applies to lawyers. The basic premise  of both of these is that it makes MANDATORY the disclosure of exculpatory evidence. However, true to their nature the court included "weasel words" to allow the affected entities some "wiggle room." This same concept is what allows Arizona courts to convict and keep convicted many thousands of inmates that were convicted illegally and unconstitutionally.

If Arizona were to become honest and follow the "Rule of Law" it would soon be bankrupt.

In the case of Mike Voden there were many judges and lawyers who were totally aware of Burnet's circumstances (see other articles for specific details of Burnet's physical, mental and drug issues). The following list is fairly complete. It is possible some entities were missed. They are all aware that there is NOT now and never has been ANY LEGAL justification for this criminal travesty. 


Judges: Peter Cahill, Robert Duber, Tim Wright, Gary Scales and Theresa Sanders.

Lawyers: Shawn Fuller, Mike Bernays, Larry Longley, Steve Long, Emily Davies, Harriet Levitt, Maggie Schmidt, Elizabeth Hale, J. Robert Tolman, Bradley Beauchamp, Vanessa Buch and Larry Hammond. None of the above has said anything about this massive criminal cover-up. They all are aware that Mike was totally absolutely justified, morally, ethically, and LEGALLY in defending himself and Patricia from vicious Mad Dog Burnet. Most people with a reasonable I.Q. and some common sense should be able to read these articles and see that there is something terribly wrong somewhere.

We also have a list of approximately 50 crimes that were committed by many of the previously named individuals and others not named yet. This info was sent to Justice Bales, Gov. Ducey, A.G. Brnovich, the A.B.A., the U.S. Attorney in Phoenix, and the D.O.J. in Washington D.C. Would not consider any of them ignorant of the law or of their sworn oaths to uphold the laws.


As a result of this non-response or their bogus B.S. (blatantly stupid) responses one main thing seems obvious, they clearly consider themselves, their friends, their associates, etc., to be above the law. An elite gang of criminals that profits from corruption at the public "trough" and ignore any laws as they damn well please. The following citation is quite relevant; Pool vs. Superior Ct. Pima County 139 AZ.98,103-107 (1984). "The law cannot reward ignorance, there must be a point at which lawyers, prosecution and judges are conclusively presumed to know what is proper and what is not." And furthermore, "Our system represents a rule of law based upon the principle that officers of the law are bound by and must act within the law [if not] the worst criminals are often those who govern and administer the law" 


We want to advise visitors to this website that it is a work in progress. It may not be perfect yet. AZ D.O.C. makes it very difficult for inmates to have websites. For most guys it is NOT an option. Having perseverance, patience and tenacity are only a few of the requisite attributes. Creating awareness about my case is a main goal and also to overturn this conviction travesty. Another plan is to increase the readers awareness as to the actual conditions in U.S. prisons. Politicians love an ignorant electorate. This is one of the main reasons why education is consistently underfunded and prisons are full. Please share this website as much as possible and also become involved in something public and positive. I appreciate your time and attention.



As a result of a 2013 study, Harvard University named Arizona the most illegally corrupt state. This was NOT new to the informed Arizona residents. The complete text of this study should be available through the Harvard website. The Arizona government had some options. They chose to sue Harvard and lost (per my info). They could have chosen to eliminate corruption, they did NOT (too much money involved). Corruption got worse and Arizona moved ever closer to a kleptocracy, kind of similar to Utah which is owned and operated by a certain group of "you know who."

Former (late) Judge John Fitzgerald Molloy wrote "The Fraternity." His book details the sleaze, corruption, and collusion between lawyers and judges. Arizona is, by no means, the only state with pandemic corruption, only the worst. Also, the so called "legal system", is by no means the only corrupt part of Arizona government. Everyone, all 100% of local, county and state employees have a chance to get a "piece of the action." Most of them are decent and honest and choose NOT to exercise their corrupt options. However, the money, power and prestige  seem to have a larger effect on certain categories of public employees. Generally speaking, "CONTROL FREAKS" have a much greater inclination towards corruption. Most people understand perfectly well what that phrase means (NUF SAID).

I met a "Ghost Inmate" recently, found out about a major scam by D.O.C. against the Federal government. The Feds subsidize prisons based on numbers of inmates. More inmates = more "MOOLA." The differential between Federal payments (High) and cost (Low) means profits for the state. This is a "TON" of money. Federal Auditing of several thousand state prisons and a couple million inmates is NOT possible. Having names and numbers without bodies is quite simple with computerization. Real inmates, false inmates and shared inmates are only three of their options, there must be at least a few others.

The D.O.C. has several "cost containment" programs in effect also. These include denial of prompt, proper and effective medical care. Evidence of this is the Parsons vs. Ryan lawsuit which the D.O.C. lost. The primary result of this is that Ryan/D.O.C. were found in contempt of court for deliberately failing to comply with HIS agreed to positive changes. Food given to D.O.C. inmates is also substandard. Quality, fiber and nutrition are low. Carbs and fats are high. Protein is questionable. Inmates are NOT allowed to receive ANY quality products from outside suppliers. Even fresh, raw 100% carrot juice is NOT allowed on food visits by family and friends.

The D.O.C. also greatly assists the so called "legal system" by actively obstructing, losing, delaying inmates legal mail. This from PERSONAL knowledge and other sources. Most recently the D.O.C. decided to further restrict legal access by P.L.O., A.C.L.U., A.C.D.L. and others lacking a specific attorneys name. They also have illegally censored C.L.N. bulletins.

Registrar Of Contractors is another extremely corrupt AZ department. They have dozens of ways to scam money out of decent, honest, hard working construction people. Based on personal experience with several R.O.C. inspectors, I have reason to believe a little "grease" would make problems disappear. I have heard similar comments from other construction friends and associates. 

On a local level, Payson and their P.D. can easily match any municipality in AZ for corruption (adjusted for size). Before my case happened I had only heard of a couple dozen questionable activities by the P.P.D. Since then, not including my case, I have heard at least a hundred stories about sleaze and corruption, It is NOT possible to hear that much without some of it being true and accurate. All of the elected and appointed public officials in AZ are aware of most of what has been written in this article. They would need to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to be unaware. That is hardly the case. What is the case is that they benefit from the status quo. Decent people MUST change the status quo to effect other critically needed changes.

A pending article will feature much of the corrupt criminal activities of my case.


This article will graphically illustrate how a grand jury can be and was lied to, deceived, coerced and manipulated to produce a false result. It should serve as a strong warning to ALL juries that prosecutors lie, then witnesses lie, and even so called experts are NOT really experts. Asking hard questions and demanding accurate, concise and non evasive answers is critical to our legal system-based on truth and justice.

We have a certified copy of the transcript of Mike Voden's grand jury proceedings.It definitely shows what was and was not presented to them. There was absolutely NOTHING presented to the grand jury about Randal Burnet's lunatic mental condition, or his twenty plus med habit per day, or his pending death from multiple causes, not including suicide by neighbor (see article three for more details). Burnet and Fuller's families have been friends and associates for multiple generations. Prosecutor Fuller, Van Camp and ALL of their cohorts were intimately familiar with Burnet's conditions.

We had to beat several hundred pages of Burnet's medical records out of the hands of corrupt attorneys, and were threatened with HIPPA violations for publication (see other articles for details). This type of evidence is commonly called "exculpatory" (favorable to the defense). In this case it is known as "clearly exculpatory evidence" as it is so extremely favorable to the defense. Fuller and Van Camp maliciously and knowingly withheld and concealed this info from the grand jury. Some of the jurors asked about "his use of drugs or alcohol," meaning Burnet. Van Camp deviously replied that Voden didn't use either. This as well as the transcript prove the question related to Burnet. If they had been provided Burnet's records there would be NO questions. There also would have been no indictment, thereby blowing Fullers case all to HELL (see article 5 for more on this aspect).

It is obvious that Fuller and Van Camp discussed their presentation to the grand jury since they were "on the same page." This then also shows suborning perjury by Fuller, conspiracy to commit perjury by both and in fact, perjury to a grand jury by both, also they both obstructed justice. At about this time Van Camp was busted to Sgt. as a result of getting caught falsifying and/or tampering with evidence. The disclosure of Van Camp's demotion is made MANDATORY by U.S. Supreme Court case law. Failure to do so fatally taints ALL cases he is/was involved with, including mine.

Judge Scales is now and was then completely aware of Burnet's records and conditions. His failure to promptly and properly uphold the LAW is a non-judicial act NOT protected by judicial immunity. It is only one of MANY demonstrated biases against Voden and constitutes extreme judicial misconduct. His corrupt conduct makes him totally complicit in this egregious travesty.

Some people reading this article may get the impression that this was writer is like the "Man of La Mancha," jousting at windmills. Such is NOT the case. It is much more like David fighting an army of Goliaths. We could use as much help as we can get. Any possible assistance is welcome and appreciated. Public awareness and pressure can make things happen. This website is linked to Facebook. Please share. Thanks very much.



We will attempt to write this article in an understandable context starting with explaining the relationship between the U.S. D.O.J., which is headed by the U.S. attorney general and the F.B.I. The basic, most simple thing is this: the F.B.I. works for , with and at the direction of the U.S.A.G. The same concept holds true in ALL U.S. attorney districts, including Phoenix. The letter from the U.S. Attorney in Phoenix, that is part of this article, clearly shows their abdication of responsibility. I would like to believe that this refusal is not related to the fact that Gary Scales, the corrupt judge in my case, is a good friend of the U.S. Attorney in Phoenix where he previously worked.

Starting about April 25, 2017 and continuing for about three months, the U.S. Attorney received six large folders. These contained many legal documents, photos, technical reports and much more. As of right now, they have refused to even admit receipt of the folders. All of this info showed massive collusion and corruption. Evidence tampering, photo-shopping, perjury to a grand jury, knowing concealment of clearly  exculpatory evidence, suborning perjury are just a few examples of egregious conduct by Scales, Fuller, Bernays and a dozen others.

In addition, Scales has refused to have provided to me constitutionally required documents. Specifically transcripts of hearings and Burnet's V.A. records and their communications between Bernay, Fuller and himself. Based on the very large number of things provided to the U.S. Attorney that prove beyond a doubt what has happened, their comment about "allegations" is ludicrous. Also, since the F.B.I. works for and with the U.S. Attorney they could easily have been directed to investigate.

Fairly recently we developed a list of around fifty actual crimes committed by over a dozen people related to my case. All of these are easily proven by official government documents, some certified. The bogus B.S. (Blatantly Stupid) response from the U.S. Attorney in Phoenix suggested we should provide the info to investigators as they DO NOT investigate. THE F.B.I. WORKS FOR, WITH AND AT THE DIRECTION OF THE D.O.J. (which includes U.S. Attorneys). The return letters from Chief Justice Bales were not any better. He claims that he has no authority to force compliance with any laws because of Ethical Rules. Sounds like total B.S. to me (see article 18).

Click the arrows to read the story of corruption in the Arizona legal system

Article 10



Mr. Brnovich, 3-21-2018

  • On 02-26-1999, Shawn C. Fuller COMMITTED PUBLIC INDECENCY in Columbus, Ohio.​


    + On 11-13-2013, he KNOWINGLY presented false information to a grand jury in Globe, Arizona.

  • On the same day, he KNOWINGLY facilitated Detective VanCamps perjured testimony to the same grand jury.

  • And On the same day, Fuller, KNOWINGLY withheld CLEARLY exculpatory evidence from the grand jury.


To WIT : Randall Burnett's extensive LIFELONG mental instability, his insanity, his violence, his multiple stage 4 cancers, his radical drug junkie habit and dozens of other relevant factors about this SUICIDAL LUNATIC...!!!


We now have most of Burnett's Veterans Administration records, Payson Regional Medical Center records, Payson Christian Clinic records and others. His script history of at least twenty meds PER DAY was included. 


We have a complete certified copy of the grand jury transcript PROVING this info  WAS NOT  presented to them.​

This is : clearly a lie of omission. Commonly called manipulation and misrepresentation to a grand jury. I will NOT cite relevant case law as you should know the cites much better than I.


Fuller was responsible for many hundreds of lies and perjuries in my case, as well as extremely biased and inflammatory  ( illegal and unethical ) remarks


We can prove all  of the previous comments with official government documents. Therefore, these documents and many more are now on my website or will be shortly..


Your judgment in hiring Fuller rather than "locking him up" leaves much to be desired for someone with your job


When Harvard University named Arizona the most illegally corrupt state in 2013, nothing much has changed since.


You KNOW what the proper, decent, honorable and LAWFUL course of action is. Hopefully you will choose Honesty over political expediency.​​​

Michael Alan Voden


The two documents included with the next article were sent to the SO-CALLED Superior Court of Gila County, Arizona as noted on page 5 of said documents.


The word Superior is only a name NOT a fact or definition. To be superior, as regards a court,  THE JUDGE  must absolutely be in compliance with constitutional law, federal law, state law, case law, AND ethical rules as set down ( promulgated ) by the Arizona Supreme Court, and also be free of political or religious bias or prejudice. This case is NOT rare, unique, or an isolated incident. However, it is one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice to be made very public.


The return receipts from the United States Postal Service, published with article number 14 , also show which public officials are totally aware of this travesty of illegal and unconstitutional corrupt conduct. They received copies of the same documents.


Arizona courts "lock up" close to 10,000 NEW inmates every year as well as thousands of so-called recidivists. Almost all of them are convicted illegally and unconstitutionally.


Almost ALL recidivists fall into one of two categories (or both).


1. Unable to function in society or, 2. Cannot meet almost impossible release conditions. 

This ludicrous fiasco, commonly called "Tough On Crime" has cost the U.S. TAXPAYERS hundreds of billions of dollars. The money is only ONE part of the overall effects. There are dozens of other ramifications. Think about it and get informed as to the realities. Being "Tough On Crime" does NOT reduce crime, does NOT benefit society, and has no positive benefits. As an example, New York City and Chicago EACH spend over $1,000,000 per week to settle litigation. Seems as if there are many better uses for that money. When all other units of government are added the numbers are staggering-hundreds of millions per year, only for settling lawsuits. Thousands of idiot prosecutors and their equally stupid legislature co-whorets (sic) spend YOUR money as if it were an inexhaustible supply.

EVIL & CORRUPT government wins when decent, honest and ethical people choose not to participate. The U.S. deserves to have much better elected and appointed officials. Time to clean house. Get rid of ignorance, sleaze and criminal corruption in ALL levels of government.


Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.


The documents included with this article show where we are as of the end of April 2018. This series off docs started about five weeks ago (as of 5-13-18) with a STANDARD request for a 60 day extension of time for filing certain Post Conviction relief proofs, etc. Corrupt Scales has not responded to that request or any of the other three. This CLEARLY demonstrates his prejudicial and intentional judicial misconduct. From 11-9-2013 until NOW he has been consistently in VIOLATION of constitutional law. He has also clearly ignored ethical rules (E.R.'s) set down by the AZ Supreme Court.

It has become quite painfully obvious that greed, avarice, sleaze and corruption are the "MODUS OPERANDI" of judges and lawyers and, in fact, the Arizona Bar Association. The A.B.A. is a "R.I.C.O." They control an illegal monopoly on legal services. ANY lawyer (including judges and prosecutors) who dares to "step out of line" can be severely sanctioned, suspended or revoked (kiss all those pricey toys goodbye).

However, the A.B.A. is extremely jealous of their empire. They are willing to lie, cheat and steal to protect their DUES PAYING scumbag members. They always cover and hide FRAUD, PERJURY and Collusion by members.


Example 1: Google search for Juan Martinez-Maricopa County Prosecutor.

Example 2: In the entire 106 year history of AZ. One might be able to discover a couple of judges thrown "off the bench" for some kind of misconduct.

Example 3: In the same time line it would be most difficult to discover more than a couple of attorneys per DECADE that were sanctioned.

Most people want to believe that truth, justice and the Rule of Law prevails in the legal system of AZ and the Good old U.S.A."


Over two dozen judges and lawyers are NOW and have been aware of this egregious, illegal and unconstitutional inquisition and imprisonment. They have said "ZIP-ZERO-NADA-NOTHING." They continue to collect their six figure incomes and enjoy the perks that power and money can buy. In addition, the "HEMORRHAGE" of tax dollars to fund a corrupt, barbaric dark ages systems of GULAGS keeps AZ "neck and neck" with a bunch of other states in the race - TO THE BOTTOM.

Will NOT be redundant at this point regarding priorities for spending. The return receipts, also included are proof that many public officials are aware of this case and as of this day have said and done nothing.

Please read the other articles on this website for complete in-depth information.

Article 14 : SCAMS EXPOSE

The legal document from the court included with this article showed up here at Cibola about the 16th. of May 2018. It is the ENTIRE document.

Please refer to the previous article "TRUTH AND REALITY OF CORRUPTION" that is located on this website. Look at pages 2-3-4 of either document. These pages thoroughly demonstrate the proper LEGAL process for documents filed with courts.


Judges are absolutely required by Arizona Supreme Court Rules ( E. R.'s ) and other established law to reply " in kind ".


The response by Scales did NOT show ANY findings of facts or conclusions of law. BECAUSE - THERE ARE NONE 

In addition, a request for a sixty day time extension was held up so long that only THREE WEEKS are left for filing, clearly an obstruction of access to the court, and an obstruction of JUSTICE.

Denial of access to clearly exculpatory evidence documents is GROSSLY UNCONSTITIONAL.                                           

The response of the prosecutor on April 24th. to documents filed that morning is extremely suspicious and questionable.


The failure to provide a copy of the response of " THE STATE " ( euphemistic B.S. ) is also patently illegal and false reasoning.


Most likely is they didn't write one or were not able to retrieve a response from the " place where the sun doesn't shine ".

This garbage is just another example of hundreds of  INTENTIONAL JUDICIAL MISCONDUCTS  maliciously , egregiously and illegally done by corrupt sleaze Scales.                                    


The following list of public officials is in ADDITION to previous lists of persons that knew / KNOW about this CORRUPT TRAVESTY...

 The USPS return receipts prove their awareness of and their continuing acceptance of this inquisition-incarceration.                     










Article 15 : CORRUPT U.S. GULAGS

"There is NONE so blind as one who will NOT see" and "My mind is made up - DON'T confuse me with the facts" are two WELL KNOWN TRUTHS.

When I was young and "dumb" I had been seriously and extremely brainwashed by the self-serving government of OUR COUNTRY (just like George Romney). Almost everyone who was born and raised in the U.S. has had the same experience (check THEREFORE IT IS OK TO:

-Wave the flag to sanctify napalming babies and old people.

-Feeding police dogs "black meant" for lunch

-Allowing the C.I.A. to act as a "venture capitalist" for Al Quaida, the Taliban, Boko Harem and others, hhere could be at least one hundred more examples.

Brainwashing also includes believing:

-Cops are our friends, that they are the most decent, honest, ethical people on earth.

-Judges and lawyers are honest seeker of Truth and Justice and only lock up bad people.

-Elected and appointed public officials are ONLY interested in doing what is good, right and proper for their constituents.

These three egregious, malicious lies are much worse than the more commonly known lies such as:

-The check is in the mail.

-I'll still respect you in the morning

In the relatively recent world history (1930's) Fascist dictators started brainwashing very young kids. Franco, Mussolini and Hitler promoted nationalism, jingoism, racism, divisiveness, bigotry, etc., etc. One of Mussolini's favorite phrases was "Dramare La Palada" (drain the swamps). 

Who said that? They were also radically ANTI-MEDIA. Just like PUTIN, ERDOGAN, DUTERTE, KIM, XI, the AYATOLAH'S and "Agent Orange." Who said "Real power is fear" Adolph Trump & Donald Hitler. That kind of agenda started both world wars. We the American public should bot, cannot, must not allow that kind of idiocracy to prevail or promote WWIII. The elimination/extinction of the human species might be good for planet Earth, it would NOT be good for us.

The evolution of my education about the massive, extreme pandemic of criminal corruption in the U.S. had been sporadic, fragmented and acquired in bits and pieces until very recently. Some major, provable factors are these: Many cops lie, plant evidence, commit domestic violence, falsify evidence, ads sexual perverts or predators, deal drugs, steal, smoke dope and much more. Most often they are less decent than the people they arrest (and almost always cover for), their "BLUE" criminal friends. Judges almost NEVER penalize cops or persecutors (sic) for perjury, murder, or anything else. Many cops deliberately or maliciously kill people and "WALK". Look at article 16 on this website or check out "Black Lives Matter." They knowingly overlook illegally obtained evidence. Cops are almost entirely responsible for the animosity directed their way. "What goes around comes around", (check out


The primary result of politicians, cops, lawyers and judges colluding has been an extreme proliferation of the GULAG SCAM INDUSTRY (i.e. the criminalization of everything). This ludicrous fiasco has cost U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars and there is no end in sight. It has almost always been about greedy money hungry politicians wanting more- more - more for family and friends. It is almost NEVER about preventing crime and recidivism.

The massive over-funding of state prisons by the FEDS has turned the gulag industry into a CASH COW for most states. The Department of Homeland Security spends many billions to facilitate a violent police state, to spy on your "sleep overs" and to violate our civil rights. A classic example is that of N.Y.C. paid off 40 million dollars to the New York Central Five. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, San Diego County, and thousands more have litigation pending, almost NONE being frivolous (more on the web, re: previous two items). The system I am intimately familiar with is AZ D.O.C. It is more or less identical to other states. It has over 1,000 selectively enforced rules, regulations, policies,, procedures, directives, etc. All of these are approved , sanctified, encouraged, condoned by Gov. Ducey through his sycophant minion Charles Ryan (YES - the same lying Ryan held in contempt of court by a federal judge for his hundreds of pathological lies).

The primary excuse for this multiplicity of B.S. is to allow the abuse, torture and killing of inmates (more about this later). Will list only several "short" versions of abuse-the real deal is unimaginable to most people, as it has been to me.


1. Disappearing inmates legal mail, personal mail, property (books, magazines) , arts& crafts projects coming in and going out.

2. Taking months to approve telephone contact with family and friends.

3. Contrabanding magazines such as Discover and Smithsonian.

4. Failure to provide complete law libraries for inmates doing their own legal work (more about this issue later).

5. Serving food in chow halls from container clearly marked "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION."

6. Allowing Corizon to provide negligible, negligent, ineffective, careless, substandard health care, occasionally fatally.

7. Penalizing inmates for staff errors, lies, or other abusive conduct.

8. Coercing inmates to lie about multiple issues (religion, allergies, moralities, etc.) to get only a slightly better menu.

9. Refusing to allow inmates access to fresh fruits and veggies, except on very rare occasions.

10. Refusing access to better quality products from the commissary or other suppliers (nutriceuticals for example).

11. Operating parole/probation systems that are specifically designed with impossible requirements that guarantee failure.

With over 40,000 inmates there are thousands of incidents of abuse per day, just in AZ. Nationwide, thousands get out every day. Cops, lawyers and judges probably should increase their life insurance. AZ D.O.C. prisons would be mostly empty without the explicit, implicit and complicit conduct of the criminals in charge of the so-called legal system. For the first "commercial" I recommend this informative book by the lat Judge John Malloy, "The Fraternity" is an expose' of corruption in AZ. It has gotten much worse since then.

In many states (Arizona being one) there as a bar association. These are permitted by the state legislatures so they can avoid responsibility and blame for the sleaze, filth and corruption of lawyers and judges. Allowing a BAR ASSOCIATION (sounds like a bunch of drunks - maybe drunk on power and money) to establish rules and to discipline themselves is insanity. It is like allowing a fox to guard the hen-house - (only steal ONE chicken per week) a really, really big FAUX like TEFLON JUAN MARTINEZ can steal chickens without penalty (search the web; Maricopa County AZ dippity prostitutor (sic)).

Most AZ lawyers are relatively small fauxes. However, there are very few that are totally honest and ethical. I have searched far and wide and have NOT found ONE. Multiple article on this website illustrate this, some include actual gov't documents. This is the primary reason that inmates should have access to a thorough and complete set of current law books.

AZ defense attorneys are notorious in collaborating with prostitutors (sic) to convict people. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Coercing a plea bargain happens in close to 96% of all cases. 100% of ALL plea deals involve perjury. Talk to one of your friends, relatives, or neighbors for the real info about P.D.'s.

There are many hundreds of sources for info about ANY topic, including prisons, John Legends Free America is good. -very good. ACLU & SPLC are quite good. Fascist right wing homophobic outlets have a strong tendency to lie as it facilitates their income. Want to back track slightly now to elaborate on one of the many abuses prevalent in AZ D.O.C. Please see the attached letter to the U.S.P.S. and the idiot response from the U.S.P.S.

Title 18 USC (subsection) 1708 is about the U.S. mail and is quite clear. Should be available on the web. This crap clearly means that U.S. federal law does NOT apply to Arizona, neither do U.S.C.A. nor U.S.S.C. case law decisions.

More about criminal gulags:

In most areas of the country they take the place of mental care facilities. People who are S.M.I., mentally handicapped, drug burnouts, tattoo freaks, social misfits, poor, elderly, homo's, minorities, destitute, and all them "UTHAS" frequently end up in prison. Amnesty International is well known for bad mouthing non U.S> gulags, Guantanamo, Cuba is a main target for them. Thew U.S. military and C.I.A. beat, tortured, and killed a bunch of S.N. terrorists (lkikely that S.C> nominee Kavanaugh signed on this). A.I., among others, acted outraged. Sounded like a Blue Smoke and Mirrors fund raiser.

"Gitmo" seems like "small potatoes" compared to the several thousand executions in U.S. gulags every year. Why NO outrage? Must be that "Tough on Crime B.S."

This paragraph paraphrases Martin Niemoller who spent several years in a Hitler "conflagration" camp (1938-1945). His comment "Hitler LIED" sounds like S.O.P. from W.D.C.

"When they came for the Jews or gypsies or homos or Polacks or retards or any of "themuthas" I said ZIP-ZERO-NATA, as I wasn't one of "them other." When the came for me - I looked for help - "them uthas" were gone - I had no help".

Close to 50% of U.S> prisoners have mental health issues. People of color have substantially higher incarceration rates than expected based on demographics. Other minorities are similarly locked up.

For the second "commercial" I will suggest 'Battlefield America" by John W. Whitehead of Rutherford Institute. he also writes for Criminal Legal News - should be online (also check out The book is deliberately redundant so as to emphasize how far we have strayed by allowing OUR GOVERNMENT to violate UR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. 

The executions in the U.S. are done by several methods:

1. Heat strokes or similar

2. Lack of prompt, proper & effective health care

3. Suicides

4. Beatings by staff.

5. Torture by staff

6. Beatings by other inmates

7. Drug overdoses (contrabnd smuggled in)

8. Drug overdoses (script drugs conflict)

9. Toxic, hazardous & unsafe conditions

10. "Accidental" tasering

11. Unknown - blamed on space aliens by officials

These "worthless nobodies" were some ones family and were loved and cared about. The extreme hypocrisy of the U.S> media in ignoring such blatant maltreatment of human beings is unconscionable. Building prisons on top of or next to super-fund site, toxic landfills, hazardous waste treatment facilities, dangerous locations or remote locations is stupid. Frequently the local water supply is contaminated with mutagenic, carcinogenic and hallucinogenic substances. In addition, the water tastes nasty and showering in it can cause a guys "junk" to fall off! Places like that are hard to staff. The result being that much staff is minorities and about as ignorant as inmates. Their health care, benefits and replacement costs are much more. Contraband smuggling, inmate abuse and illicit sex add to HIGH staff turnover.

This article barely touches the topic of GULAG CORRUPTION. It would take several books and thousands of pages to tell the entire story. The U.S. needs and must have brilliant genius ideas and solutions for hundreds of these seemingly impossible problems. Prisons are (should be) near the top of the list. Doing these things with the current crop of corrupt morons in Phoenix or Washington D.C. won't happen. It almost seems as if anarchy and/or civil war is lurking about back-stage behind the curtains, ready to invade center stage at the proper moment.


                                                                                       IT IS TIME FORE CHANGE!

Article 16 : KILLER ENGLER STRIKES - again + again + ____.

Don Engler Sr. is the Chief of the Payson, Arizona P.D. He is also extremely well connected with the F.B.I.


This is most likely the reason the Fed's could not, would not discover ANY illegal/criminal corruption in his dept. after a one year investigation.


In the summer of 2005 , the Englers went to the valley with their trailer. Reportedly to pick up a load of hay. While driving in the median lane of Bell Rd. the trailer wheels hit the curb causing the trailer to come off the hitch. The trailer swayed a few times, breaking the single, very weak safety chain. The trailer wheels hit the curb again causing it to jump the median and hit and kill Robert Harriman. Engler stated his speed was approximately 30 mph, and that he braked "gently". Heavy braking would likely have caused the runaway trailer to slam his truck - (can't let that happen).

All other witnesses reported speeds of 40-45 mph. Knowing the hitch was defective and that the safety chain was seriously deficient is equal to recklessness. Reckless homicide is the same as Murder 2 in AZ. For which there is NO statue of limitations. This info is from the report of Sgt. Westin Brown of the Scottsdale P.D. There is nNO indication of ANY penalty for Engler for the murder of Mr. Harriman - THE KILLER COP WALKED. Scottsdale P.D. sent a report to the Maricopa County Attorneys office - they responded. These reports are PUBLIC and are mandated by multiple laws to be released.

The Mayor, Jim Lane, of Scottsdale and the Chief of Police, Alan Rodbell refuse to comply with these laws. There is every indication of a cover up to shield Engler from any consequences and a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

A non-cop would have done prison time. Nothing cops have to worry about (more later on this issue).

U.S.S.C. decision and case law are, in THEORY, the supreme law in the U.S.A.. In fat, the U.S.S.C. case law decisions are routinely ignored, circumvented, bypassed, etc. as a matter of standard operating procedure by almost all of the 3,000 plus county persecutors (sic) in this country.



On 7-9-2005 , the day ROBERT MARVIN HARRIMAN was recklessly murdered by Engler , ALL witnesses stated the traffic on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. / Bell Rd. in both directions was moving at 40 - 45 MPH.  The driver in back of Engler's truck + trailer stated his speed was approx. 45 and Engler's rig ( ahead of him ) was traveling slightly faster in the median lane.


The story is that the trailer wheels hit the curb causing the disconnect between truck + trailer.  After 3 - 4 sways the chain broke , the trailer jumped the median and killed Harriman.

Engler FALSELY stated his speed was approx. 30 MPH.  He also stated that he braked GENTLY after the trailer came unhitched.  HEAVY braking was the proper action.  Rather than cause serious damage to his own truck , he allowed his trailer to kill a young biker.

In reading the entire report , have found NO evidence of ANY penalty - not even a traffic ticket.

The element of RECKLESSNESS puts the death of Robert Marvin Harriman OUT of the category of manslaughter or negligent homicide.

RECKLESSNESS is an element of MURDER - 2.  In Arizona , there is NO statute of limitation for MURDER - 2.

If a NON - COP had done this , they would still be in prison.  This is clearly a case of  "professional courtesy."

As of this date, the Mayor and the Chief of Police of Scottsdale, AZ have refused to provide the full complete and accurate report of the death of and consequences for the killing of Robert Marvin Harriman by Killer Engler. This information is required to be disclosed by substantial, well-established case law in every case involving Engler's SWORN testimony. It was not done! There is every indication of a cover-up as well as obstruction of justice.

                                                                                                 IT IS TIME!


However , in addition to Don Engler getting a pass on MURDER - 2 there are also at least a few other SERIOUS violations of UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT decisions and case law.


Will name three and then explain the meanings and intent.  GIGLIO vs. U.S. , BRADY vs. MARYLAND , and KYLES vs. WHITLEY.


"Any impeachment evidence of the states witnesses must be disclosed automatically.  Any evidence that decreases the credibility of the state witnesses or evidence is exculpatory evidence.  The state cannot decide or limit how the defense uses that evidence , so it must be disclosed without a defense request.


When the defense has evidence of the states' intentional disclosure violations , one can then presume - the state is hiding more than you think.  If the clearly exculpatory evidence IS introduced to the jury , then a jury has NO reason to convict." 

In addition to the Engler incident , there is much more that WAS NOT disclosed during the trial of Mike Voden.

Prosecutor Shawn C. Fuller was charged with public indecency in Columbus , Ohio.

When Van Camp was a deputy with the Gila County , several prisoners at the jail in Payson stated that he had - " beat the hell out of them while they were handcuffed." This was allegedly as retribution for them referring to him as the moron " Barney Fife. "  Van Camp was immediately hired into P.P.D. " by " Don Engler per , local sources , after leaving the Gila County Sheriffs Office.

Around the beginning of 2014 Detective Van Camp was "busted" (demoted not prosecuted) to Sgt. from Lt. This was a result of being CAUGHT falsifying/tampering with evidence. This was NOT his first "rodeo" by any means. The Payson P.D. has refused to disclose, as REQUIRED by multiple laws, any info re: this incident. This info may be related to the VODEN case, and if so, would be cause for dismissal with prejudice based on multiple laws. U.S.S.C. case law makes MANDATORY the disclosure of this information without a defense request!

Also , in late 2013 or early 2014 - Detective Van Camp was busted down to Sergeant.  Some reports indicate this was a result of evidence tampering and / or falsifying.  This is not totally true or accurate - it was because he got caught.  As is commonly said in Arizona - " this was not his first rodeo. "  U.S. Supreme Court case law makes MANDATORY - THE DISCLOSURE OF THIS INFO in every case thereafter that he is involved in - HE DID NOT DO THAT - THEREBY CHANGING THE OUTCOME OF ALL OF HIS CASES INCLUDING MIKE VODEN'S CASE.

Dr. Eric Peters DID NOT require critical evidence to be turned over to him.  Medical Examiners cannot make totally accurate reports without ALL of the evidence.

This malicious / malevolent prosecution initiated and enhanced by Engler the KILLER was intended to make Mike Voden "Shut Up" about the corruption in Payson and in Gila County.  The result was the deaths of John Voden , Mike's dad and Patricia Rollins - Mike's wife of almost forty years.


Shawn Fuller , knowingly concealed this very relevant , clearly exculpatory evidence from everyone except the prosecution team.  This means quite simply , there must be at least several more tons of "crap" hidden in the closet with the skeletons.

We also have received a report authored by an investigator with the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office.  This investigator quotes Engler quoting the decedent's comments from the true 911 audio.  This does NOT match the audio and transcript presented to the jury.

This equals tampering with / falsifying evidence , perjury and collusion to obstruct justice.  I ( do not ) believe Engler did this personally , he is not that bright.  This psycho killer cop must be stopped before he kills again.

The most likely scenario is that he "persuaded" one of his minions to do the "dirty work".  All of these are severe federal felonies with prison time.  THE SHADOW KNOWS AND WILL TELL...

Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.


The primary intent of this letter is to bring to your attention the massive pandemic of corruption that permeates Gila County , Arizona as well as the ENTIRE - ARIZONA LEGAL SYSTEM.  The information specified below is NOT rare or unique to Gila County.  It is STANDARD  OPERATING PROCEDURE throughout the entire state.

Another purpose of this message is for me to have this egregious fiasco ended.  There is a "ton" of various laws that make it MANDATORY that this illegal and unconstitutional conviction be dismissed with prejudice.

A third radical concept is the prosecution and conviction of a few dozen public officials who KNEW about and concealed some or all of the following : 1. Conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.  2. Misappropriation of public funds.  3. Fraud.  4. Extortion.  5. Suborning perjury.  6. Perjury to a grand jury.  7. Maliciously and KNOWINGLY concealing clearly exculpatory evidence.  8. Evidence tampering.  9. Evidence falsification.  10. Willful violation of Arizona Supreme Court Ethical Rules.  11. Willful violation of UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT - case law and decisions.  12. Much More.

Considering the serious and substantial penalties for conviction of any of the above , it is absolutely understandable why all of the persons involved are giving maximum effort to "stonewall" my efforts towards relief.

EVERYONE involved in this travesty is an "OFFICER OF THE COURT" - obviously they were never concerned with seeking truth and justice and rule of law

The U.S. Attorney in Phoenix is now or has been a personal friend of the judge in this case.  That office has been sent much documentation about items specified above.  As of this day they have refused to acknowledge the receipt of this information.  I believe they have swept TONS of "DIRT" under their office rugs.

In addition ; Governor Ducey , Attorney General Brnovich , Chief Justice Bales and several more high ranking "mucky mucks" are aware of this tragedy.  Individually or collectively they have done nothing.

The following will be a very brief synopsis of this story as there are many articles and documents on this website as substantiation.


On 11-9-2013 , Randall Burnett , a KNOWN drug addict criminally trespassed into Mike Voden and Patricia Rollins yard to violently attack two senior citizens.  Burnett was almost dead from multiple stage four metastasized cancers and from MRSA.  He was at maximum levels of oxymorphone and oxycodone mixed with up to 500mg of Sertraline ( ZOLOFT ) daily as well as about twenty other meds.


This Zombie Frankenstein had been extremely mentally deranged since a very young age.  At the last possible 1/4 second Mike ( LEGALLY ) defended himself and Patricia with four - .40 caliber shots from his LEGALLY carried handgun. 


This clearly exculpatory evidence was MALICIOUSLY , INTENTIONALLY  AND KNOWINGLY CONCEALED from the Grand Jury , Trial Jury ,  Media and The Public, and Mike & Pat.

Arizona Supreme Court Rule 42 , Ethics Rule 3.8 and Ethics Rule 3.10 makes MANDATORY the DISCLOSURE of the above information by ALL lawyers and judges - THAT DID NOT HAPPEN...


1 ) In March of 1999 , Prosecutor Shawn Fuller committed  public indecency in Columbus , Ohio.  He " got off ".

2 ) In 2005 , Chief Engler committed Murder-2 with his trailer in Scottsdale , Arizona.  As of this date he has paid no penalty.  He also " got off ".


3 ) ALSO , Detective Chief Matthew " Barney Fife " Van Camp has a reputation for beating the Hell out of handcuffed prisoners in the Gila County Jail as well as being a sexual predator. 


4 ) In late 2013 or early 2014 Detective Van Camp was busted down to Sargeant.  Some reports indicate this was a result of evidence tampering and / or falsifying.  This is not totally true or accurate - it was because he got CAUGHT.  As is said in Arizona - " this was not his first rodeo. "  U.S. Supreme Court case law MAKES MANDATORY THE DISCLOSURE OF THIS INFO IN EVERY CASE OF HIS THEREAFTER  - HE DID NOT DO THAT - THEREBY TAINTING THE OUTCOMES OF ALL OF HIS CASES - INCLUDING MIKE VODEN'S CASE.


5 ) Dr. Eric Peters COLLUDED WITH FULLER TO FALSIFY ( photoshop ) EVIDENCE to support Fuller's bogus case. NOT likely Peter's 1st RODEO (See Article 10 chapter 3).

U.S. Supreme Court case law decisions makes MANDATORY the disclosure of the FIVE directly above incidents. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN...

The main result of this egregious , malicious , malevolent , illegal and unconstitutional conduct must be a DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE...

The " State House " + Senate, the Court House and the governor's " house " all need to be totally cleaned , fumigated , and sanitized so that the " hacks " find out who is the boss.


The Rule of Law must prevail " IN FACT " , not in theory, Political Rhetoric that is used to lie , cheat and steal MUST BE STOPPED... 

Finally - Please visit again soon for much more info, also please share with family and friends.


This article is the last in a series. It is the single most important article. It includes highlights from other articles and summarizes the extreme pandemic of criminal corruption in Arizona, all of which is being covered up, hidden, concealed and obfuscated from the public by many state and federal entities.

The reason for having Bale's name in the title is that he is the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. He should have a SUPREME interest in the "Rule of Law." HE DOES NOT. He is not alone in this regard. Governor Ducey, Attorney Brnovich, the Arizona Bar Association, the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney in Phoenix and several others are all aware of the same information, a small part shown below. They have done ZIP-ZERO-NADA-NOTHING to enforce Ethical Rules, state law, federal law, or ANY constitutional law in regard to over four dozen serious law violations they have been advised of.

We have several thousand pages of official government documents, some certified that absolutely prove all of the following charges. We will list only several, in short form, of the more than four dozen we know about:

1. Several instances of perjury and suborning perjury to a grand jury and a trial jury by prosecutor Fuller, Detective Van Camp and others.

2. Collusion and criminal conspiracy, before and after the fact to commit insurance fraud by several attorneys and judges.

3. Extremely egregious conduct by all attorneys and judges in Mike Voden's case to maliciously and knowingly conceal clearly exculpatory evidence from the grand jury, trial jury, media, public and Mike & Pat.

4. Falsification of 911 audio and 911 transcript by Police Chief Don Engler.

5. Falsification of and/or tampering with evidence by Eric Peters, Detective Van Camp and others.

6. Failing to disclose "previous indiscretions" made MANDATORY by U.S. Supreme Court case law by Engler, Van Camp, Fuller, Peters and others.

7. Fraud and extortion by attorney Michael Bernays.

8. Refusal by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and Police Chief Alan Rodbell to turn over required documents regarding a cover-up of a homicide by Don Engler Sr.

9. Fuller committed extreme abuse of public funds in pursuing a case that had NO valid basis in law with his "WIN AT ANY COST" strategy. This included any kind of sleazy, corrupt, illegal conduct imaginable.

10. Judge Scales was aware of almost 100% of items listed above, and said NOTHING.

11. Obstruction of Justice by everyone involved.

As of NOW there has been very little response by any of the entities named previously. The response letters from Justice Bales and U.S. attorney Strange contained bogus B.S. (blatant stupidity) as to why they cannot enforce state and federal laws. Knowing politics as intimately as I do the reasons are clearly obvious - all of the people named in this article are personal friends, business associates, golfing buddies, dinner guests, etc. of several others. It is an elitist gang of AZ criminals that protect and defend each other. They are outlaws-above and beyond and outside the law. Must be time for the scum busting Feds to MARCH IN.





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