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Free Mike Voden

Please Sign the Petition by Entering your Name, Email and Phone Number  - below. Your Help is Greatly Appreciated...

The Voden Family is in need of help in so many ways but most of all we need help getting the word out about our father's case and the injustice that has been done. Our father is such a good and loving man and does not deserve what has happened. This page will be dedicated to what you can do as a supporter. Look for updates here and on our Facebook Page.

This page is the landing page where all the information on our progress in raising awareness about his case will be kept in one consolidated place for ease of understanding. Please visit again soon for new information and also share this website. Please use your power to persuade the officials listed below to visit this website. Help overturn this illegal and egregious travesty. Thank you for your time and assistance.  Again , your help is needed...

Thank you for your help!

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