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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The two documents included with the next article were sent to the SO-CALLED Superior Court of Gila County, Arizona as noted on page 5 of said documents.

The word Superior is only a name NOT a fact or definition. To be superior, as regards a court, ( THE JUDGE ) must absolutely be in compliance with constitutional law, federal law, state law, case law, AND ethical rules as set down ( promulgated ) by the Arizona Supreme Court.

This case is NOT rare, unique, or an isolated incident. However, it is one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice to be made very public.

The return receipts from the United States Postal Service published with the next article also show which public officials are totally aware of this travesty of illegal and unconstitutional corrupt conduct. They received copies of the same documents.

Arizona courts "lock up" close to 10,000 NEW inmates every year as well as thousands of so-called recidivists. Almost all of them are convicted illegally and unconstitutionally.

Almost ALL recidivists fall into one of two categories (or both).

1. Unable to function in society or, 2. Cannot meet almost impossible release conditions. We'll briefly describe three typical recidivists that are PERSONALLY known to me.

Tommie: Saw him add water to a partial cup of coffee. After tasting he said "damn this is weak coffee". I said "you just added water", he said, "yeah but it was weak to start with". Tommie is white and stupidly retarded.

Ali: Is like Tommie except is black. His issue is alcohol. He LIKES prison, they had to throw him out recently. He quoted General MacArthur, - "I shall return". He cant function outside.

Dorian: 25% white, 25% black, 50% Native American. He is very friendly and personable. However, because of his personal appearance and low functional abilities he cannot survive outside of some structured environment.

All three of these would likely do OK at some kind of menial labor job; construction labor, field hand, janitor, etc.

However, they would need some type of community living circumstance. PRISON IS NOT THE ANSWER.

Should they be fish food or compost? An orange haired o'rang might favor that option. As a society we can do WAY better than the thousands of GULAG's now operating in OUR COUNTRY.

Only since the start of the 20th century this ludicrous incarceration fiasco has cost TRILLIONS of dollars.

There are thousands of better ways to spend TAXPAYER dollars.

It is way past the time when the American electorate should KNOW that the phrase "TOUGH ON CRIME" is nothing more than a B.S. euphemism.

It is just another scam to sucker average people and squeeze every last cent possible out of your pocket. Understand this: most politicians are willing to lie, cheat and steal to build their empires.

Intelligent and enlightened crime prevention would allow billions of bucks to do hundreds of other programs.

Will mention a FEW of the NON-funded or underfunded critical projects:

Airports, schools, health care, sea ports, highways, sewers, water supplies, etc. etc.


Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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