Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The documents shown below, 10 pages, show where we are as of the end of April 2018. From November 9, 2013 until NOW – May 2018, this has been an unending fight for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the RULE OF LAW.

It has become quite painfully obvious that greed, avarice, sleaze, and corruption are the "Modus Operandi" of judges and lawyers and, in fact, the Arizona Bar Association AS WELL.!!

The A.B.A. is a "RICO". They almost always cover for their members by hiding FRAUD, PERJURY, COLLUSION and much more. They almost NEVER penalize members.

Example 1: In the entire history of the State of Arizona, 106 years, it is very unlikely that ANY judge has been removed from the bench for any reason.

Example 2: In the same time frame it is very unlikely that any attorneys have been disbarred, more than a few per decade.

Most people WANT to believe that constitutional law, Federal law, State law, Arizona Supreme Court Ethical Rules, and clearly established case law prevail in Arizona ( and everywhere else in the good "ole" USA ) THIS IS NOT TRUE !

Over two dozen judges and lawyers are NOW and have been, from the start, aware of this egregious, illegal, and unconstitutional inquisition and imprisonment.

THEY HAVE SAID NOTHING and continue to receive their six figure ++ incomes.

In addition, the hemorrhage of tax dollars by the corrupt, barbaric, dark ages prison system is what keeps Arizona well ahead in the "Race to the Bottom".

Items of evidence: educational funding, abuse of elderly, poor and immigrants, environmental "degradation", etc., etc., etc.

Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

You may check the other articles on this website for many in-depth issues regarding this case.

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This article goes with court docs from 4-12-2018 and 4-20-2018 Mailing dates)

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Pending...coming soon to a blog near you... Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this websit


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