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Article 12 : SCAMS EXPOSE

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The legal document from the court included with this article showed up here at Cibola about the 16th. of May 2018. It is the ENTIRE document.

Please refer to the previous article "TRUTH AND REALITY OF CORRUPTION" that is located sequentially on this website. Look at pages 2-3-4 of either document. These pages thoroughly demonstrate the proper LEGAL process for documents filed with courts.

Judges are absolutely required by Arizona Supreme Court Rules ( E. R.'s ) and other established law to reply " in kind ". The response by Scales did NOT show ANY findings of facts or conclusions of law. THERE ARE NONE !!!!!

In addition, a request for a sixty day time extension was held up so long that only THREE WEEKS are left for filing, clearly an obstruction of access to the court.

Denial of access to clearly esculpatory evidence documents is GROSSLY UNCONSTITIONAL. ( plug in single page ext. to file doc here )

The response of the prosecutor on April 24th. to documents filed that morning is extremely suspicious and questionable.

The failure to provide a copy of the response of " THE STATE " ( euphemistic B.S. ) is also patently illegal and false reasoning.

Most likely is they didn't write one or were not able to retrieve a response from the " place where the sun doesn't shine ".

This garbage is just another example of hundreds of INTENTIONAL JUDICIAL MISCONDUCTS maliciously , egregiously and illegally done by corrupt sleaze Scales. ( plug in document here - document is enroute ) - 13 pages.

The following list of public officials is in ADDITION to previous lists of persons that knew about this CORRUPT TRAVESTY

Specifically Informed of the Facts of Unlawful Indictment and Incarceration : THE FOLLOWING PERSONS OR ENTITIES;





VANESSA BUCH - U of A Wrongful Conviction Clinic

The USPS return receipts prove their awareness of this and their continuing acceptance of this inquisition / incarceration.

( plug in usps return receipt - 6X here )

Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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