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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Many years ago, this writer watched a TV interview of Warren Buffet by a very young female reporter, ( likely her first really big interview ), she asked him "Mr. Buffet, what can someone like me do to insure our long-term income, career success, and retirement options?" ( roughly paraphrased ). His response, "There are three things; education, education, and education."

At the point in my life when I was young, dumb, and _ _ _ _ _ I, like most kids were taught, ( brainwashed ) to be PATRIOTIC, trust cops and support the government come hell or highwater. Never considered myself a slow learner, however, the truth about most government has been quite difficult to accept and believe. I have become too soon old and too late wise. Since being "inside" my education about many subjects has increased substantially. Have come to realize that corruption started about the same time as human prototypes fell out of the trees. This means that corruption is part and parcel of our genetic makeup. It is so deeply imbedded in our DNA that getting it out is IMPOSSIBLE ! This brings to mind other questions. How have many millions of people managed to transcend this greed and avarice? Did they miss their turn or was it a rational, conscious and deliberate choice?

Most people know that having one or more of the following leads to the rest: CONNECTIONS, CONTROL, POWER AND MONEY. Why then are the upper levels of business and industry and many levels of government populated by the corrupt, greedy and avaricious? In theory the public sector does have or should have some control over the private sector. THIS IS NOT TRUE !! There are thousands of sources for this info – FIND OUT ! The private sector is only about MONEY. They have bought or are buying every level of our government. Average people be damned.

Assuming ; that where there is more government money - there is the most corruption, then it makes perfect sense that the U.S. Federal government is the most corrupt of the bunch. In approximate order of corruption based on money available:

U.S Federal government as a whole,

Department of Defense,

All other alphabet agencies,

Bureau of Prisons ( specifically notable ),

State governments,

State legal systems ( cops, lawyers, judges, and prisons ),

County legal systems ( cops, lawyers, judges and jails ).

Being intimately familiar with the Arizona prison system the comments here will be mostly related thereto. The next two numbers are both on the low side: $20,000.00 cost per year per inmate, 40,000 inmates in Arizona prisons. According to my "old math" that equals $800 million per year.

Adding the cost of ALL Arizona cops, all Arizona judges, all Arizona prosecutors, all Arizona paid defense attorneys and all jails, is the cost to Arizona taxpayers over 1 BILLION BUCKS per year? This number likely DOES NOT cover litigation /settlement cost for civil rights violations, human rights violations, wrongful death of ( staff or inmates ) wrongful incarceration and more. Seems as if the cost vs benefit ratio is extremely out of balance. Kind of like spending multiple thousands of dollars for a lawn tractor to cut a 20 X 20 lawn.

Another extreme example: Suppose a couple get caught dumpster diving for food. Also, that they are living with a few of their kids in a car in a parking lot. They go to prison on various charges, their kids to foster care, the state pays over $ 100,000.00 per year for this ludicrous fiasco. HOW DOES SOCIETY BENEFIT? HOW DO THE KIDS BENEFIT?

This is only one example out of thousands of such cases. It is LONG past the time to realize that the line " TOUGH ON CRIME " is just a B.S. euphemism. It is used by grubby, sleazy, corrupt politicians as an aid to build their empires. They lie, cheat, and steal as a matter of record.

Another item, as a matter of record, ( true facts ) I have absolutely ZERO education or training in the mental health field. However, based on my personal observations and knowledge, Arizona incarcerates thousands of individuals that are Seriously Mentally Ill and medicates the hell out of them. Also, people that are "brain dead" stupid morons that cannot function in society. And, thirdly, people that are mentally retarded ( for any of several causes ). Is there a better option than prison or maybe dozens of better options? Absolutely. Compost or fish food is less expensive but is morally reprehensible. Some form of group facility with education, training, counseling and employment would be much better for society than prisons. Voluntary sterilization could be a viable, long-term solution, to prevent dysgenic reproduction. The current Arizona – USA prison scam with sky rocketing cost and rapidly decreasing benefits will soon crash. WHAT THEN ? CHANGE NOW ! ( check other articles - on this website ).

Also, as a matter of record, the director of Arizona D.O.C., Charles Ryan, is a pathological liar.

When settling a class action lawsuit a few years ago he AGREED to over 100 items. He NEVER intended to comply, does NOT intend to comply. Judge Duncan found out that D.O.C. colluded /conspired with Corizon to circumvent, obstruct and avoid compliance with the agreement. Now scumbag Ryan wants to bust Judge Duncan off the case. His claim that Duncan is biased, unfair, hostile, prejudiced and confrontational is just more of his pathological B.S.

As a matter of record, Ryan allows, encourages and covers up for corrupt staff.


YUMA Complex Mail and Property - frequently "tampers" with the U.S. mail as well as delaying, destroying, stealing and shredding it.

D.O.C. chow halls have had boxes of "mystery meat" ( dog food? ) in them clearly marked "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"

D.O.C. food is low fiber, low nutrition, poor quality. It contributes to and exacerbates many health problems including: heart disease, strokes, circulatory problems, colon cancer and more.

He allows promulgation and implementation of thousands of non-relevant, abusive and punitive - rules, policies and procedures.

Is there a reasonable solution to this pandemic of corruption in OUR COUNTRY ? Revolution and anarchy are NOT good options. However, there MANY critical changes that must start happening NOW. We absolutely MUST reject: DARK MONEY, violence, hatred, divisiveness lies, corruption, ANY THEOCRACY or the results thereof, racism, bigotry, militarism, nationalism, and ALL other seperate and seperative greedy ideologies.

We absolutely must embrace the TRUTH of all Real Spiritual Masters: THESE ARE - caring for all others ( nurturing, educating, healing, sheltering and the processes therefore ). Peace among all nations, self-determination for all ( without recriminations ). Stop NOW the horrific destruction of OUR ONLY HOME. ( GOING TO MARS IS NOT AN OPTION ). We must support and elect to public office people who ascribe to these ideals.

The primary intent of this lengthy editorial /dissertation is to hopefully initiate and stimulate an intelligent, rational and civil dialogue /conversation about repairing our seriously broken and dysfunctional government and country.

Best Regards, Peace and Light


Please use your power to help us correct this travesty. You may write, call, or Email any or all of the entities listed below. Ask them to visit this website for information. Ask them also to overturn this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. Please share this website with family and friends. Come back again soon for updated information. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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